In the final stages of research, a new book is in the works to celebrate the Beatles Australasian Tour 1964. 

Painstakingly researched and compiled from many new and archival interviews with those directly involved in all aspects of the tour.  This book will present a detailed account of before, during and after Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand's much celebrated tour by the world's most creative and influential band - the Fabulous Beatles.

It will be a feast for those with an eye for detail and a love of accuracy.  Entirely based on first hand research, sleuthing out many new details for the first time and correcting many so called 'facts' misreported over five decades.

An oral history supported by a treasure trove of original tour documentation, press clippings, hundreds of unpublished photographs and vintage memorabilia, this aims to be the definitive biography of the Beatles Australasian Tour 1964.

Publication is planned for 2023

Were you there in 1964?  Did you see the Beatles in Hong Kong, Australia or NZ? Email the author if you'd like to contribute any information you think may be of interest in the book., Search Engine Marketing