Photo research for the book has shown a number of people working closely with the Beatles in various places during the Aussie tour that I cannot identify.  These are mainly officials, radio & TV reporters, hotel management and police etc.  Some of the same faces crop up in a number of different photos.  I'd love to  identify these people and correctly record their role within the tour.  Do you know these people?  Maybe you know someone who can help. 

Can you identify any of the faces (circled) in the following images.  Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image.  Any clues would be most welcomed, no matter how small.  Contact me via the email link.

Inflight Sydney to Adelaide - Fri 12/6/1964

I beleive this guy is a radio reporter, maybe Sth Australian. He attended the Adelaide press conference and probably the 1st one in Sydney.

Sydney Mascot Airport - Sun 14/6/1964

Conducted a classic interview with Ringo & Brian Epstein upon arrival in Australia en route to Melbourne for the reunion.

Melbourne Essendon Aerodrome - Sun 14/6/1964

A TV or radio reporter, he conducted fan interviews at Southern Cross Hotel and Essendon aerodrome.

Melbourne Southern Cross Hotel basement - Thurs 18/6/1964

Departing the Hotel via the basement car park, flanked by security. #1 has been confirmed as senior Victorian Policeman Mick Patterson, whom headed up the entire Beatles security operation in Melbourne. #2 is likely 1 of 2 private detectives assigned to The Beatles. #3 MSS guard - maybe Brian Reader?

Melbourne Southern Cross Hotel - Sun 14/6/1964

These two gents are probably Southern Cross Hotel management. They posed along side all five Beatles & Brian Epstein for two group photos during the press conference event.